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... and hunting we go with the Hume Hunt Club, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

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Hume Hunt Club Inc. North East Victoria

The Hume Hunt Inc was formed in 1986 and currently has around sixty adult and junior riding members. Our opening meet in May begins the hunt season which goes through to September. These colder months allow the fox scent to stay on the ground longer and so give our hounds a good chance of picking up fox scent.

Our kennels are situated at Barnawartha – just outside Albury/Wodonga – and the properties we hunt are usually within 1-2 hours drive of there. We are invited by farmers to their properties to help control feral foxes which are responsible for the destruction of many small farm animals (sheep, lambs and poultry), native birds and native animals.

Riders usually start to gather in the morning an hour before the hunt with their horses and tack turned out to traditional hunting standards. Before commencing they enjoy a glass of stirrup cup and are welcomed and briefed by the Master of the Hunt. During the hunt our Huntsman and Whippers-in direct the hounds to search out the foxes and when they get on to one, the Huntsman and the hound pack give chase followed closely by the Master and hunting field.

All riders are encouraged to read Hume Hunt Riding to Hounds (available on this site) which describes the etiquette and guidelines for participating in our hunts. New members or riders (adults & children) interested in finding out more about traditional fox hunting are all welcome - you don't have to jump the fences as there are always gates. Clean presentable riding attire & safe tack is all that you need. Our experienecd members are always willing to help & guide those who want to find out more.

After the hunt usually in the early afternoon we have a barbeque where the adventures of the day are recounted and riders, car followers and friends relax and enjoy the social side of the hunt. Apart from our hunt meetings another very significant social event on the Hume Hunt Calendar is our Annual Hume Hunt Ball which is usually held at the Chiltern Hall on a Saturday night in July or August.

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